Ovia is the daily companion for millions of women.

Let us introduce you

We help women and families make their most important health and life decisions, including which products and services they rely on every day.


consider Ovia a trusted source for product information


have learned about a new product or service


are interested in purchasing the products they learn about


find Ovia's native ads information and helpful

Our apps, and our ads, are designed to engage

  • First-party targeting 
    We deliver your message at the right time, to the right person
  • No waste, no fraud
    We're TAG certified and integrated with MOAT 
  • A great user experience
    Never intrusive, always opt-in and engaging 
  • Native content
  • Native quizzes
  • Native slideshows
  • Branded editorial
  • Native display
  • Carousel display
  • Expandable display
  • In-stream video
  • Exclusives
  • Dedicated emails

Who we help you reach

  • They're passionate about their health
    Ovia users come to us to track their health so they can learn about their bodies and better plan for the future. 
  • Their lives are changing in wonderful ways
    ~70% of our audience are starting families for the first time and turn to Ovia for guidance and support. 
  • There are no two users exactly the same
    That's why we personalize everything about their Ovia experience, including the ads we serve.

We work with brands families rely on 

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