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Maternity & Family Benefits

3 Ways Technology Can Improve Employee Benefits

August 17, 2017

We recently partnered with Accolade, a company that provides an on-demand healthcare concierge for employers, to host a webinar on using technology to build a better employee benefits program.

With today’s employee engagement gap, it can be difficult to keep your employee churn rate low. A great way to keep employees happy, healthy, and engaged is with a benefits program that is easily accessible, truly valuable, and meets employees where they are. Using technology in your benefits program can greatly improve employee engagement with your offerings—in this webinar, we address essential topics such as:

  • Benefits Accessibility: How employees engage with benefits programs, and how most programs are failing to accommodate employee preferences.
  • Mobile Communication: We’ll explore how a benefits program that’s optimized for mobile can help increase employee engagement.
  • Employer Success Stories: How companies like NewsCorp and General Dynamics use technology effectively in their benefits programs.
  • Employee Satisfaction Drivers: How satisfaction rates improve with a more technologically advanced benefits program.
  • Healthcare Cost Management: The ways in which maintaining a benefits program with higher employee engagement significantly drives down healthcare costs.

Dive deep into these subjects with Ovia Health and Accolade, and learn how to create an employee benefits program that will drive up engagement thanks to technology,  by watching our webinar recording!