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Maternity & Family Benefits

Why Dow Jones Thinks Ovia Health is Good for Business

August 29, 2018

Why were you looking to provide maternity and family support for your employees?

KIM: We are always striving to hire the best and brightest employees, and we need to ensure we can attract great talent and then support them with the right tools and resources. Often these employees are millennials, and we are expecting to hire more and more females as we grow our workforce. Our CEO is extremely focused on creating a family-friendly environment for all employees. We want to make sure we are offering the best support as they grow their lives, both at work and at home.

Why did you select Ovia Health?

KIM: We did extensive research as we prepared to make additions to our benefits program. Over the past few years, Dow Jones has been recognized as a top company for working mothers by Working Mother Magazine and we wanted a partner who could support our focus on growing our maternity and family programs. We liked that Ovia Health offers a mobile-first option and could help us build a supportive environment for working families. We also loved that Ovia Health offered specific apps and support as our employees moved through the entire family and fertility continuum. We really appreciate that your programs are not gender focused – they are for fathers, partners and the whole family. We also really liked your focus on supporting women on their return to work journey with tools and resources that are designed to help new mothers feel less isolated and help as they bridge back to the office.

Why is it important for Dow Jones to invest in an enterprise solution like Ovia Health?

KIM: We want to remain a top employer for working moms, and Ovia Health is an ideal partner in helping us enhance our benefits, including our recent parental leave expansion to 20 weeks.

What are the advantages compared to free lifestyle pregnancy apps available today?

KIM: Ovia Health provides such rich, well researched, information and support about fertility, pregnancy and parenthood. The articles, coaching and digital coaching are invaluable.

What has surprised you the most about partnering with Ovia Health?

KIM: We’ve been happily surprised by the level of partnership, especially when it comes to the support we’ve experienced in sharing the offerings with our employees. The amount of marketing support, outreach, and education to our employees has made all the difference. You can’t quantify how important the marketing support is. The level of support the Benefits team has gotten clearly communicates that our employees and our business matters, and there is nothing more important than that.


Ovia Health can help you support, retain, and recruit top talent -- while improving health outcomes and reducing maternity costs. For more information, or to request a demo, click here.

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