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Maternity & Family Benefits

WEBINAR: Not Just the Baby Blues - How Postpartum Depression is Costing Employers

November 28, 2018

Recently, our chief medical officer, Dr. Adam Wolfberg, hosted a webinar with women's mental health expert Dr. Sonya Rasminsky and Registered Nurse Kay Isola from Accolade, uncovering how postpartum depression (PPD) is impacting employers.

Though the CDC reports that 11% of women report having PPD, our clinical research team is finding that more than double that -- 32% -- are suffering from symptoms of PPD. This means that women, families, employers and health plans are shouldering the burden when PPD goes untreated or undiagnosed.

The good news is that through early detection, proactive coaching and personalized guidance women are finding the support and information they need to seek medical care, be great parents, and remain productive employees.

Listen to our latest webinar to learn how PPD is impacting your workplace and the tangible actions you can take to better support women and parents at work. In this webinar, you will learn:

  • Employers and health plans are seeing higher healthcare expenditures during the first three months of life among children with mothers suffering from PPD

  • That untreated, postpartum depression will cost employers  $23,710. This cost is made up of the associated complications, and productively related loss.

  • Employers who encourage earlier and more frequent screenings see that their employees are engaging in earlier interventions, ultimately leading to a quicker recovery.

Download this webinar to hear about how PPD is costing employers, and what you can do right now to better support the women and families who come to work for you every day.