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Maternity & Family Benefits

The new Ovia Health feature working parents need

March 4, 2019

By Paige, Registered Nurse and Ovia Health Lead Coach

Parenthood is all about questions. Is my baby eating enough? Is she crying because she's hungry or tired? Could this many diaper changes possibly be normal?

As an Ovia Health Coach, I'm committed to answering every "Is this normal?" question a new mom or dad might have. New parents always want to know if they're doing things "right," if their babies are on track developmentally, if there's a way for them to better understand what their babies need.

For working parents, there's another layer of questions. When do I need to pump, and how much? What am I missing while I'm at work? How can I keep track of my baby's health? Now, thanks to Ovia, parents will have those answers right at their fingertips.

We’re excited to announce baby health tracking for Ovia Parenting!

Parents can now track feedings, diaper changes, and sleep right from the Ovia Parenting app. This tool is useful for parents as they monitor their family's health, coordinate day-to-day parenting duties, and learn more about their newborns. Tracking is also incredibly helpful for working parents — Ovia Health allows you to share tracking info with your partner and other caregivers, so everyone is always up to date on what your little one's been up to all day.

We chose to include feeding, diapers, and sleep as our tracking categories in Ovia Health because we know that they have a huge impact on child and parent health.

  • When parents track bottle feedings (breast milk and/or formula), they have a comprehensive record of how many ounces their baby has eaten and at what time. This is helpful not only for monitoring healthy infant weight gain, but also for learning more about a new baby's eating patterns and signs of hunger.

  • Ovia's breastfeeding timer & tracker has all the same benefits as the bottle tracker, in addition to features that help moms track exactly how long they were nursing and on what side. When moms have the support they need to breastfeed longer, the result is healthier moms and babies and fewer missed days of work.

  • Tracking diaper changes helps parents gauge whether their child is eating enough in line with AAP guidelines. If their little one gets sick, parents also have a benchmark they can use to check hydration. Finally, tracking hours and time of sleep helps parents establish sleep routines. (And well-rested babies mean happier and more productive parents, so this one is important for the whole family!)

A cornerstone of Ovia Health has always been our engaging, comprehensive tracking options, and we're delighted to be introducing that to our parenting solution.

At Ovia Health, we know that when we help families live happier, healthier lives, we're also reducing healthcare costs for the employers and health plans that partner with us. By providing these tools to encourage breastfeeding, healthy eating patterns, and a good night's sleep, we're expecting to see great outcomes for the organizations and families that trust us with their health.

To learn more about how Ovia Health can make an impact at your organization, click here.


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