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Maternity & Family Benefits

Moms are working - why aren't maternity policies?

March 7, 2019

At Ovia Health, our goal is to transform the way women and families are supported on their parenthood journeys - both at home, and at work. We know that women who want to start families often have little to no support in the workplace, and it's our mission to change that.

We are at SXSW this week (3/8/19) with Haley Swenson of Slate.com and Dr. Danna Greenberg of Babson College to talk about just this - why pregnant women, across all workplace sectors and organizational levels, experience subtle bias and overt discrimination. We're excited to pull back the curtain on the policy and economic landscape in which progress on pregnancy-related discrimination has stalled, and dive into how leading companies can help their best employees succeed at home and at work - and simultaneously improve culture and profits. 

Having a direct connection to the working women impacted by this discrimiation, we're able to know what benefits and policies they want - and need - and work with employers to help them implement innovative maternity and family benefit programs that help women have healthier outcomes and be more supported in the workplace. Our Motherhood in America report surveyed nearly 2,000 women, asking them what they want and value on their journey into motherhood. The report outlines high-impact strategies that employers can adopt now to better support female talent in the workplace, from breastfeeding support to flexible work scheduling. You can access the report here.

We also work with employers to provide tanglible, actionable ways they can better support women in the workplace. Check out our newest Return to Work Checklist, outlining the major components of a supportive and meaningful return to work program.

Parental leave policies in the US remain some of the worst in the world. But it doesn't have to be. We're here to help change that.


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