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Maternity & Family Benefits

New adoption & surrogacy programs in Ovia Health

April 22, 2019

Ovia Health's maternity & family benefits now include programs for adoption and surrogacy — offering even more support for the many paths to parenthood.


Our Adoption program covers the entire adoption journey: from supporting participants who are considering or pursuing adoption to guiding adoptive parents through bringing a child home and answering questions about adoption. Areas of focus in the program include: general information about adoption, open vs. closed adoptions, foster care adoptions, building a relationship with your social worker, bonding with your child, and more.


Our Surrogacy program educates participants on surrogacy, teaches them how to stay involved and supportive during a surrogate pregnancy, and provides guidance on how to talk about surrogacy and bond with their little one. Areas of focus include: general information about surrogacy, gestational v. traditional surrogacy, known v. contracted surrogates, conversations to have with your surrogate, talking to friends and family about surrogacy, bonding with your child, and more. 

These programs have been thoughtfully curated and reviewed by a team of parents and experts on adoption and surrogacy — we're so glad to be adding this support to our Ovia Health maternity & family benefits offering.  


Ovia Health’s maternity and family benefits solution is the #1 health product for women and families. Learn how Ovia Health can help you meet the needs of this new generation.

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